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Hello, I am new to the site and would like to get information about a subject that I am curious about and am serious about truly finding out if there is someone I can speak with on the phone about a personal interest. Please email me at to either get my phone number or if someone would like to know about my interest and can answer my question for me maybe a site administrator or someone. Because I have no clue where this message is going or who reads them. Thank you! Catie

News->Announcements->Welcome to the new Niagara Area Paranormal Society site.   
Welcome to the new Niagara Area Paranormal Society site. 

Welcome to the New Niagara Area Paranormal Societies Website.

The site is still a work in progress for the next week or two to ensure all data is moved across from the old site.

Hope you like the new design. Laughing

If you wish to contact us we can be reached via our email address at

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