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Do you live in the Niagara Region and are experiencing Paranormal Activity or something you can't explain in your home or business? You can contact our team at to tell us about it and arrange for a possible investigation. We do NOT charge for investigations.
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Ghost Course and Investigation

Ghost Hunt on Saturday August 26th 2017 at Historical Niagara on the Lake Museum     

Are you a fan of Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Hunters or other Paranormal shows, and wondered what it would be like to investigate a REAL haunted location? Do you want to try something adventurous and new? Why go on a boring Ghost Walk when you can experience the real deal by investigating a haunted location yourself! Well now is your chance!

Team members from the Niagara Area Paranormal Society are once again offering the public the opportunity to participate in our hands on Ghost Hunting course which includes the chance to investigate a real haunted location!

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn how to research and investigate a haunted location using proper protocols and investigation techniques. You will also learn basic information about the equipment we use, and how to properly use them. You will learn about EVPs, how to find out the history of a haunted location, ghost photography, interview techniques, where to find ghosts and much more.

After you learn the basics of investigating, you will be able to apply what you learned in the course and investigate this haunted site! Team members from NAPS will be at your side to help assist and give you guidance throughout the night. Course participants will also have the opportunity to use some of our equipment throughout the evening.

Have you already taken one of our courses and just wish to investigate? Not a problem. We have split the evening up into two categories for those who only wish to participate in the investigation portion of our evening. For those who wish to investigate only, please prepare to arrive 15 minutes early to check in as the investigation will start at 7 pm sharp!

Niagara on the Lake Museum
43 Castlereagh Street,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0

Saturday, August 26, 2017
Course time: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Investigation Time: 7pm - 9:30 pm
We will have a short break from 6:30 to 7 pm


$ 60.00  For the Course and Investigation.
$ 40.00  For the Investigation Only.

For this investigation you can bring ANY equipment that you wish. Suggested equipment to bring would include: A tape recorder, spare batteries, camera, flashlight, video recording devices etc.

Note: Some items will be for sale on date of course/investigation with possibly more to be added. So far we will be selling Pendulums - $15 each. Cash only. Limited availability. Information for further items will be posted as they become available.

History of Location
The Museum moved to its present location in 1907.  Memorial Hall is Ontario’s Oldest Museum Building and is designated by the Ontario Heritage Trust as a site of provincial significance.  Designed by W.B.Allan of St. Catharines and based on drawings by Walter S. Allward, this two-storey building with full attic has been unaltered since its construction in 1906. The foundation of the building is constructed from coursed rubble, reported to have been obtained from the ruins of the Indian Council House and Hospital (built in 1816/17 and destroyed by fire in 1881) on the Common.  In the 1940s the Society took over the 1875 High School building next door and then joined the two buildings in the 1970s to create a facility that is very sympathetic to its surroundings.

Besides the buildings historical significance, Niagara-on-the-lake is rich in history.
The Town played a central part in the War or 1812. It was taken by American forces after a two day bombardment by cannons from Fort Niagara and the American Fleet, followed by a bloody battle.
Later in the war the Town was razed and burnt to the ground by American soldiers as they withdrew to Fort Niagara. Undaunted by this setback, the citizens rebuilt the Town after the War, with the residential quarter around Queen Street and toward King Street, where the new Court House was rebuilt out of firing range of the cannons of Fort Niagara.
In the 1880's, the Town was renamed as Niagara-on-the-Lake to avoid confusion with Niagara Falls. The central part is referred to as Old Town or Old Niagara.
Paranormal Evidence
Our team first investigated this location back in 2015 and again recently. Evidence we have captured would indicate that some of those who lost their lives in the battle, still remain here!
We captured many EVPs that had intelligent responses to our questions. We had fluctuations on  various pieces of equipment such as EMF Meters, IR Temperature and motion sensor equipment that we could not explain. We heard audible responses which were collaborated on our audio equipment and more!

This is a great opportunity for the Ghost Hunting enthusiast! You won't want to miss out on your chance to investigate here! This is the first time that this location has been offered to the public in this capacity!

About our team
Niagara Area Paranormal Society has been an active investigation team since mid 2000. Our team takes a scientific approach to investigating activity. We have investigated hundreds of locations throughout the Niagara Region and area.
Our team has been featured in local newspapers, radio, TV (Global, Cogeco) and in Cineplex Theatres across Canada.
Please note: All sales are final. No refunds! Should this event be canceled due to some unforeseen event, we will offer a full refund, otherwise refunds are non-negotiable.






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Welcome to the new Niagara Area Paranormal Society site.

Welcome to the New Niagara Area Paranormal Societies Website.

The site is still a work in progress for the next week or two to ensure all data is moved across from the old site.

Hope you like the new design. Laughing

If you wish to contact us we can be reached via our email address at

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Paranormal News
Dogs and some primates might see magnetic fields

I found this article quite interesting in how it may relate to Paranormal phenomena. We have known for years that animals seem to be able to perceive spirits on some level. Perhaps this is just another piece to the puzzle as to why or how they can.


Dogs and some primates have molecues that might let them perceive magnetic fields

Birds are able to navigate their way across thousands of kilometres to precisely the same spot year after year, thanks to their ability to perceive Earth's magnetic fields - a sense known as magnetoreception. Now researchers have shown that the eyes of dogs, certain primates, and bears contain the same molecule thought to be responsible for this ability in birds, suggesting that these mammals might be able to do the same thing.

The molecule believed to be responsible for this 'sixth sense' - one that humans have unfortunately lost - is known as cryptochrome 1a, and it's part of the group of light-sensing molecules that help bacteria, plants, and mammals to regulate their circadian rhythms.

Although certain mammals, such as bats and mole rats, are believed to sense magnetic fields (as displayed by their fancy navigational abilities) until now, no one has studied the presence of the magnoreception molecule in mammals.

Now a team of researchers led by the Max Planck Institute in Germany has shown for the first time that a mammalian version of this molecule, which they're simply calling cryptochrome 1, is present in the retinas of dog-like carnivores, such as dogs, wolves, bears, foxes, and badgers.

It was also present in the retinas of certain primates, including orangutans and some macaque species.

To be clear, simply having cryptochrome 1 doesn't necessarily mean that these animals are able to perceive magnetic fields like birds do - the molecule could be playing some other type of role in their eyes.

But the researchers have good reason to suggest that its presence is a sign of magnetoreception. For starters, the cryptochrome 1 they found was located in the outer segments of the mammals' blue- to UV-sensitive cone photoreceptors.

Why is that important? Because that's the same place the molecule is found in birds.

From there, it's believed that cryptochrome 1a is activated by magnetic fields, which sets off a chain reaction that allows the animals to detect them. This process is pretty complicated - and, fascinatingly, involves quantum mechanics - but the short story is that the cryptochrome 1 in mammals is exactly where you'd expect it to be to detect magnetic fields.

Secondly, based on its location at the edge of the mammals' cone cells, it was unlikely that it controls the circadian rhythm or acts as a visual pigment for colour perception, the researchers report. "Therefore, it is possible that these animals also have a magnetic sense that is linked to their visual system," the researchers conclude in Nature Scientific Reports.

So assuming that's true, what are these species using the ability for? That's not clear just yet, but it's well known that dogs prefer to poop along a north-south axis, and they're not the only ones that show some magnetic preference.

"When hunting, foxes are more successful at catching mice when they pounce on them in a northeast direction," George Dvorsky adds over at Gizmodo. "For primates, this built-in compass may help with bodily orientation, or it could be a vestigial evolutionary trait that’s largely unused."

The big surprise for the researchers was the fact that, out of 90 mammalian species examined, only a few contained cryptochrome 1 - and this didn't include mammals known to navigate using magnetic fields, such as mice and bats.

But those mammals might navigate a different way, the researchers suggest, for example, by using magnetite - tiny ferrous particles found in cells that work sort of like a pocket compass. Birds also use these to figure out where they are.

The researchers now need to work out whether or not dogs, bears, and the primate species really are using the magnetoreception powers of cyrptochrome 1, or whether the molecule serves some other purpose in their eyes.

Either way, it's pretty fascinating to think that primate ancestors of ours, no matter how distant, might still have the ability to perceive the magnetic fields that have long been invisible to us. We're kinda jealous. ... mitstart=1

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Man demands realtor take back haunted mansion he leased for

'There's shadows of children': Man demands realtor takes back 'haunted' mansion he leased for knock-down price after discovering gruesome murder took place there

Texas man Nir Golan is involved in dispute with his realtor after he agreed to lease a home built on the site of a notorious murder
The realtor has refused to return the deposit because he said the home known as 'Murder Mansion' no longer exists
A local businessman has become involved in a bitter dispute with his realtor after he claims he almost moved into a property built ontop of a notorious child-sex and murder den.

Nir Golan had placed his deposit down and was packed and ready to move to the seaside town of Seabrook, near Houston, when he discovered his home was built on the site locals call 'Murder Mansion'.

Indeed, Golan claims that his realtor dropped the leasing price so low he couldn't refuse it, but now is battling to get his money back because he thinks the home might be haunted.

Murder mansion: This is the property at the center of a lease dispute in Texas - which was on the site of a previous home which saw a gruesome killing

'A lot of people say there's shadows of children,' said Golan to KHOU.

'People say that they wouldn't come to my house as a guest.'

The horrifying past of the property the home was built on dates back to 1984 and Texan millionaire Bill List, who built a massive mansion on the site.

He would pick up young teenage boys and house them in exchange for sexual favors.
However, one night, the children rebelled and shot and killed List.

Afterwards, the home was torn down and the property was subdivided.

But, Golan's realtor neglected to mention any of the terrible history.

'I said let me tell you something. If you paid me money, I would not move there. It's against my religion. You cannot force me to move there,' said Golan to KHOU.

Disputed: Nir Golan wants his money back because he doesn't want to live in a property he feels may be haunted

Huge: This is mansion millionaire Bill List built in 1984 which he used to sexually abuse young teenage boys - who one day turned against him

Golan claims it does not matter where the murders take place, just that they did on the land.

'There was a murder, but the murder wasn't in this house. It was on the property. And I'm trying to explain to him to me it doesn’t matter. A property is your front yard, your backyard,' said Golan.

A neighbor and former HOA president told KHOU that everyone knows the story of the Murder Mansion.

'It was 30 years ago. I mean it didn’t bother me to the point, I mean, I was gonna buy the old murder mansion and redevelop it. So you know people die all the time,' said Larry Neu.

Wealthy: List's enormous mansion featured an indoor swmimming pool and a two story glass wall overlooking the water feature

Interior and movie: The mansion was enormous inside with its own garden and the gruesome killing had its own movie made (bottom)

Dining room: List would reportedly cruise Houston looking for young teen boys and bring them back to his sprawling mansion and offer them board and drugs in exchange for sex before they ganged up and killed him

While the homeowner had agree to terminate the lease, they will not return the deposit - a decision that infuriates Golan.

Golan tells KHOU he is planning to sue to get his money back but a lawyer said he is on shaky ground.

'That law in Texas is clear. There is not a duty to disclose in most circumstances. And on the issue of religion, there is no duty of the seller to be a mind reader and guess the religious objections a renter could have,' said Gerald Treece, a professor at the South Texas College of Law.

Note: Click on link below to watch video

Source: ... there.html

Do you think he should get his money back from the realtor?

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Paranormal News
155 buildings — including haunted ones at Doors Open Toronto

Looks like some interesting places to check out!
The Native Child and Family Services Building in Toronto is part of the 2014 Doors Open event. Courtesy of City of Toronto

Click on the link below to check out the buildings that are included in this years Door Open Toronto. ... n-toronto/

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Paranormal Corner: Eerie experiences at Eastern State Pen

Paranormal Corner: Eerie experiences at Eastern State Penitentiary

On March 20, the first day of spring, I took a trip over the Ben Franklin Bridge to my second favorite place on Earth — Eastern State Penitentiary (Walt Disney World being my first favorite.)

I got to check out the historic site’s new exhibits for the 2013 season including a look at rare artifacts collected over the years, and a visit to a hole in the wall of cell 68 in cellblock seven where 12 inmates tried to escape in 1945.

While it’s exciting to see the Pen’s new exhibits, what makes ESP my second favorite place on Earth is the feeling I get as I walk through the crumbling cellblocks.

Thousands of prisoners spent time locked away at this beautiful landmark while it was a functioning prison from 1829 to 1970.

Many served their time and were released, while many also lost their lives while incarcerated there.

Walking through the now-empty cellblocks, it’s hard to imagine the violence and turmoil that once took place at this now peaceful historic location — that is, until you turn the lights out.

In November 2011, I had the privilege of joining Kris Williams of “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International” on a paranormal investigation of Eastern State Penitentiary.

Armed with my K2 meter (which measures fluctuations in electromagnetic fields) and my digital voice recorder, I headed into cellblock 10 with Kris and approximately six guests to kick off our paranormal investigation.

We stayed in cellblock 10 for about an hour, but all was quiet — no K2 hits and no EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) captured on my digital recorder

Next, I joined Aaron Sagers of in cellblock 4.
Never before my experience in cellblock 4 or since then, have I been “scared” during an investigation.

Immediately upon entering the long, dark cellblock, I felt creeped out. The air felt heavy and unpleasant.

After we were settled in, Aaron asked us all to choose a cell and sit down on the step in front of it with our backs to the small, dark chamber.

Almost as soon as I sat down, I felt something touch my back just above my waist.

Thinking it was my jacket falling into place, I reached back to fix it.

My jacket was in place. It wasn’t my jacket I had felt.

I popped up quickly and moved from in front of the door. There was no way I was sitting in front of that cell.

I calmed myself down and eventually moved back over to stand in front of the cell.

About an hour into the investigation, I heard what sounded like someone making an agreement sound, “Mmm, hmm.”

I asked if it had been anyone living and it hadn’t. Later, while listening to my digital voice recorder, the voice was captured, but is still unexplained.

We finally concluded our investigation in cellblock 4, but before we left, Aaron told us a little story about the area.

An inmate beat a guard to death in cellblock 4 because he thought the guard was putting something in his food. In actuality, the guard was putting vitamins into the prisoner’s food to keep him healthy.

After he beat the guard to death, the prisoner laid down for a nap.

Maybe this was the reason I was so freaked out in that cellblock.
Though I’ve visited ESP many times during the day and for Terror Behind the Walls — the Halloween haunted house fund raiser for the historic site — this was my only time investigating there.

However, I’m hoping to return very soon with Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society.

As paranormal investigators, we do what we do free of charge. We look into possible hauntings and try to help people reach a comfort level or offer solutions to problems because we love what we do.

While this is very rewarding, it leaves us with not much of a budget.

Incredible places such as Eastern State Penitentiary charge for investigations, sometimes large fees. In an effort to raise funds to investigate these places and to also purchase the equipment needed to conduct investigations, JUMPS has started an online donation campaign at

Anyone interested in helping can go to ... ocumentary to donate. Also, visit to keep up with our investigations and additional upcoming fund raisers.

Source: ... ences.html

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Paranormal News
Former ‘Ghost Hunters’ star Brian Harnois found safe

Former ‘Ghost Hunters’ star Brian Harnois found safe after disappearing and posting suicide note on Facebook


Friends and family breathed a sigh of relief after former “Ghost Hunter” star Brian Harnois was found alive and safe following a cryptic post on his Facebook page that sparked a police investigation.

The post, which has since been taken down, went up Sunday and reportedly resembled a suicide note. The actor then disappeared.

However, his wife Michelle took to Twitter on Monday to announce the actor was safe.

“I do not know the details but Brian has been found SAFE and is currently in his way to get mental treatment,” she wrote.

While it is unclear why the television personality – who turned 36 last week – may have posted such an alarming message and fallen out of contact, fans are conveying their relief that he didn’t take his own life.

“No one deserves to be in a dark place like that. Hope he gets better. A lot of people care for him,” one fan wrote.

Harnois’ once co-star Scott Tepperman thanked all “for the outpouring of support.”

A family friend told FOX 411’s Pop Tarts column Harnois’ former girlfriend, who is the mother of his children, was in contact with police to try and find him.

The Warwick, Rhode Island police department who allegedly oversaw the investigation declined to comment on the matter.

Read more: ... z2FRTPbvcO

Source: ... z2ElSNzcxq

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